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News | June 28, 2022

Joint Staff Approves SPACE FLAG as its First Accredited Space Exercise

Space Training and Readiness Command was recently notified that the Joint Staff affirmed the Joint National Training Capability (JNTC) Accreditation of the U.S. Space Force SPACE FLAG exercise at the 392d Combat Training Squadron, Space Delta 1, Schriever Space Force Base, Colorado, making it the first JNTC accredited exercise for space.

The memo from the Deputy Director for Joint Training approving SPACE FLAG to be an official JNTC stated, The JNTC program accreditation, site certification, and issue mitigation process serves as the foundation to improve joint context and enabling capabilities that enrich the Joint Training Environment for services and Combatant Commands, benefiting the entire joint force.”

The Joint Training Policy for the Armed Forces of the United States (CJCSI 3500.01J) has high standards for the accreditation of Department of Defense training programs, and there are only 37 accredited joint training programs across the entire DoD (U.S. Air Force – 9, U.S. Army – 6, U.S. Marine Corps – 7, U.S. Navy – 3, Special Ops – 6, National Guard/Reserves – 5, U.S. Space Force – 1).

SPACE FLAG now joins the ranks with programs like the U.S. Air Force’s RED FLAG exercise, the U.S. Army’s Joint Warfighter Assessment, and the U.S. Navy’s Fleet Synthetic Training--as programs with the capability to provide a realistic environment which includes applicable elements of joint context—a common measure for describing all service training programs.

“SPACE FLAG has advanced Delta 1’s initiative to ensure all combat training and exercises are underpinned by relevant and recent intelligence, with a focus on winning in competition and conflict,” said Colonel Jason Schramm, Commander of Space Delta 1. “As an accredited exercise, Delta 1’s 392d Combat Training Squadron can better integrate sister service members into the SPACE FLAG Exercise.” 

JNTC accreditation of the SPACE FLAG exercise opens up multiple opportunities not only for Space Force Guardians, but for every service member who can benefit from the experience garnered during the exercise. Additionally, in the future field grade officers who attend SPACE FLAG may earn joint discretionary points toward their joint officer development.  Finally, this accreditation now affords the SPACE FLAG exercise program access to joint funding, Joint Enterprise Enduring Training Enablers, and tailored support from the Joint Staff to help keep SPACE FLAG America’s Premier Space Exercise.