Joint Navigation Warfare Center


Mission Statement

The mission of the Joint Navigation Warfare Center is to enable Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) superiority for the Department of Defense, interagency, and coalition partners.

Located at Kirtland Air Force Base, New Mexico, the JNWC is an operational center of U.S. Space Forces - Space and is the Department of Defense’s Center of Excellence for Navigation Warfare (NAVWAR) and PNT capabilities integration and operations across the Combatant Commands (CCMD), Services, the Interagency and Allies.

NAVWAR is the deliberate defensive and offensive action to assure and prevent PNT information through coordinated employment of space, cyberspace and electronic warfare operations. The JNWC’s first priority and main effort is Joint Force operational support to the warfighter, providing NAVWAR subject matter expertise via 24/7/365 reachback to the Joint NAVWAR Operations Center (JNOC) and CCMD-aligned deployable Theater NAVWAR Coordination Cells (TNWCCs). These TNWCCs provide combatant commanders and joint force commanders expertise in joint planning, Operation Plan (OPLAN) analysis, and conducting NAVWAR operations supporting and enabling operations in all domains and the complete range of military operations. The JNWC produces a common understanding of the friendly and enemy NAVWAR Order of Battle, NAVWAR functional staff estimates, as well as PNT-related strengths and weaknesses in the operational environment.

The JNWC furthers the creation of NAVWAR knowledge for the warfighter by conducting PNT operational field assessments (POFAs). The primary objectives of JNWC POFAs are to assess offensive and defensive NAVWAR operational capabilities in threat emulated contested environments. The JNWC POFAs prioritize NAVWAR knowledge gaps based on warfighter requirements and develop tactics, techniques, and procedures and mitigation strategies for NAVWAR operational vulnerabilities. The JNWC leads the S4S Task Force PNT and executes the following specified tasks:

          • Enable PNT superiority for the Department of Defense (DoD), interagency partners, and the coalition by providing PNT and NAVWAR analysis and reachback capabilities, subject matter expertise,                 and operational support to the services and Combatant Commands (CCMDs).

          • Provide, protect, and preserve PNT for the DoD, interagency partners, and allied partners.

          • Provide situational awareness on interference for commercial and civil sectors.

          • When directed, prevent effective use of PNT services by adversaries.

          • Identify and support development of PNT and NAVWAR capabilities to enhance operating in, and creating, GPS contested environments.

          • Advise and advocate for CCMDs, Joint Task Forces, services, interagency, and Allies on NAVWAR planning, policy, preparedness, and assessments.

          • Conduct offensive and defensive space operations in support of terrestrial operations. This includes electronic warfare and electromagnetic interference resolution.