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News | July 8, 2024

18th SDS Det. 1 transitions to DEL 2 Det. 1 under new leadership

By Ms. Bridget Bonnette

In a strategic move to lead battle management and space domain awareness in support of the integrated space forces, the 18th Space Defense Squadron Detachment 1, was redesignated Space Delta 2 – Space Domain Awareness & Space Battle Management Detachment 1. The redesignation was announced during the change of command ceremony where U.S. Space Force Maj. Daniel McCarty assumed command from USSF Maj. Nathan Glandon, here, June 18, 2024. 

Glandon was the inaugural commander of Det. 1, established on 14 July 2022, to provide dedicated SDA support to the National Space Defense Center. Elevating Det. 1 from the 18th SDS to DEL 2 reflects the unit’s increased capabilities and evolution in focus as one of three battle management units within DEL 2, alongside 18 SDS and 19 SDS. Det. 1 is uniquely focused on identifying, characterizing, and deterring adversarial action in space while providing foundational understanding to enable space superiority options to counter those threats.  

The decision to transition to DEL 2 Det. 1 underscores the Space Force's dedication to enhancing its capabilities, readiness, and deterrence in the space domain. By aligning units like Det. 1 with specialized commands such as DEL 2, the Space Force is better positioned to confront the evolving threats posed by adversarial actors in space. 

McCarty expressed his commitment to advancing the unit's objectives and ensuring its readiness to fulfill its responsibilities within the broader framework of space defense.  

"I am honored to lead Det. 1, which has proven itself instrumental in the defense of our nation, on guard 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing timely and tactical understanding of any adversarial action in space,” McCarty stated. "I am confident in our abilities and our readiness to enable tactical fires and maneuver options for all combat space forces.” 

“Maj. McCarty is the right commander at the right time. Being directly under DEL 2, Dan will provide the battle management expertise to turn understanding into military options, ensuring that the tailored information gets to the tactical commander to enable combat decisions,” USSF Col. Raj Agrawal, DEL 2 commander said.  

As Det. 1 transitions to its new role under DEL 2, its mission remains as crucial as ever: to provide combat relevant SDA and contribute to the protection and defense of vital U.S. and allied space assets.  

DEL 2 Det. 1 will remain co-located with the NSDC team, here.  

The NSDC is a partnership organization, strongly supported by both the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community, that develops and improves U.S. ability to rapidly detect, warn, characterize, attribute and defend against threats to our nation's vital space systems. The NSDC directly supports space defense unity of effort and expands information sharing in space defense operations among the DoD, National Reconnaissance Office, and other interagency partners. The NSDC is a subordinate center of U.S. Space Forces - Space responsible for coordinating military, intelligence, civil, and commercial space for unified space defense operations.