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News | July 18, 2023

DEL 15 activates two subordinate squadrons: 15th CACS, 15th ISRS

By Ms. Bridget Bonnette Joint Task Force-Space Defense Public Affairs

Space Delta 15 stood up its first two subordinate squadrons, the 15th Command and Control Squadron (CACS) and the 15th Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Squadron (ISRS), and during respective activation ceremonies here, June 30 and July 14, 2023.

“What an incredible and historic time! The Space Force’s first indigenously grown Delta is standing up its first two indigenously grown squadrons,” said U.S. Space Force Col. Stephen Lyon, Joint Task Force-Space Defense director of operations, National Space Defense Center director, and commander of DEL 15. “The timing of these activations are not a coincidence. Our adversaries will attempt to significantly degrade our capabilities with the aim of crippling our global power project. Our Joint and Coalition fighting force relies on space superiority, and we are here to ensure that is never compromised.”

The mission of the 15th CACS is to present professional, trained, and disciplined combat-ready forces equipped to execute the protect and defend mission for our Nation’s critical on-orbit assets. The 15th CACS will conduct the space defense mission and envelope the 24/7 space defense crew positions for the NSDC.

On June 30, U.S. Space Force Lt. Col. Daniel Coleman took command as the inaugural squadron commander of the 15th CACS.

"I am honored to be part of such a historic event for the creation of the 15th Command and Control Squadron,” said Coleman. “The protect and defend mission we have been entrusted with is critical to the continued success of our nation's space enterprise and our ability to stay ahead of our adversaries.  The expertise and professionalism of our Guardians will solidify our role as the USSF's finest C2 team enabling space superiority for warfighters across the globe."

The mission of the 15th ISRS is to apply integrated intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capabilities and effects to protect on-orbit assets and achieve space superiority.

On July 14, U.S. Space Force Lt. Col. John Biszko took command as the inaugural squadron commander of the 15th ISRS.

“Our adversaries ought to have only the secrets we allow them,” said Biszko. “We will not allow objective or initiative to shift.”

DEL 15 will stand up one additional subordinate squadron this year, the 15th Cyber Squadron (CYS).

DEL 15 and its subordinate squadrons are the U.S. Space Force’s force presentation to U.S. Space Command to organize, train and equip the NSDC.

The mission of DEL 15 is to provide service command-and-control (C2) capability, mission ready crew forces, skills training, certifications, ISR, and cyber mission defense support, as well as special mission support to the NSDC.

DEL 15 and its subordinate squadrons will be co-located with the NSDC, here.